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Maintenance Division

The ongoing maintenance you'll need for your project

Transforming your dream design into reality is just the beginning. Ensuring its longevity and beauty requires ongoing care and maintenance for every element – from lush landscapes to intricate pavers

Our maintenance division steps in to preserve your outdoor oasis, offering services such as irrigation checks and paver sealing. Let us keep your property pristine and functional throughout the seasons, so you can continue to revel in its splendor year after year.

Paver Sealing before and after


Landscape before and after.PNG

Paver Sealing:

Sealing your pavers not only enhances their appearance, making colors more vibrant and textures more pronounced, but it also provides protection against stains, erosion, and weather damage, ultimately extending the lifespan of your outdoor surfaces.

Irrigation Checks:

$180 irrigation check for us to come out, test all your sprinklers (up to 10 zones), ensure proper water coverage, minimal water loss, and proper set up. Additional fixes over 30 minutes are additional cost. 

Artificial Turf Maintenance

Regular maintenance of artificial turf ensures its longevity and aesthetic appeal, as well as preserving its functionality while removing odors and bacteria build up over time. 

Spring and Fall Cleanup

While we do not offer ongoing maintenance, our project based company can help with major yard clean up for both the spring and fall growth!

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