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Personalized Approach-

Successful outdoor design balances practicality with beauty, ensuring that a space is built with purpose while encompassing the elements around.  From selecting appropriate plants and hardscaping materials to configuring seating areas and lighting scheme, our team is here to help build the dream yard you've always wanted.

Effective outdoor design has the power to transform ordinary outdoor spaces into inviting areas that enhance your overall quality of life. Whether it's a small courtyard, a sprawling suburban backyard, or a corporate campus, thoughtful design can maximize the potential of your outdoor area.

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*Design and consultation free of charge

**Site plan and permits costs based on project scope.  Site plans start at $500.00

Property Assessment:

Schedule a one-hour outdoor design consultation to assess your property, take precise measurements, identify potential hazards, and offer tailored suggestions for optimizing your outdoor space

Project Requirements:

Our designer carefully listens to your needs, asking precise questions to craft a tailored and functional design just for you!


Following our initial meeting, our team will build a rough draft of the project to provide spatial reference and visual clarity, along with pricing and material options

Site Plan

The final step in the initial stage of your project is the creation of a comprehensive site plan. Depending on the project requirements, this plan may need to be submitted to the city for approval.

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